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Massage Signature Florence Laval®
Natural Facelift

A powerful "shock therapy" that restores radiance and skin tone to give you an instant, natural facelift. The treatment begins with a blissful head and shoulder massage that guarantees instant relaxation, and follows with a combination of the best manual anti-aging massage techniques. Combined, synchronized, precise and gentle movements oxygenate your tissues and stimulate your facial muscles to lift your face and smoothen expression lines.
Session  60 min - 120 € *
Session  30 min - 65 €

* Exclusive care by Florence Laval
Massage Signature Florence Laval®
Body Release
(release tension, liberate your energy)

This body massage combines precise and powerful movements inspired by the Tuina massage and is also gentle and delicate in attention and kindness to feel the energy needs of the body. To start, your therapist performs a combination of stretching and acupressure manoeuvers to stimulate the body’s energy flow. Then follows an oil massage conducted using thumbs, hands, forearms and elbows to offer you a truly relaxing experience.  The Body Release Massage, strengthens the organism and is ideal for those wanting to releasing stress and tension and re-establish a connection with their bodies. A true gift to oneself that leaves you regenerated and reconnected with your potential.

Session  45 min - 60 € / 60 min - 80 € / 75 min - 95 € / 90 min - 110 €

Massage Signature Florence Laval®
Head Release (scalp & neck)

A restorative treatment to help you unwind, calm a tense mind and find inner relaxation. The treatment combines deep breathing techniques with the stimulation of acupressure points on the head and face to release cranial tension. This massage has beneficial effects on migraines and calms the mind by improving the circulation of Qi energy. We particularly recommend this massage for you if you find yourself in a permanent state of anxiety or if you are tense and unable to let go and put your mind and body to rest.

Session  30 min - 45 €

Sportif Massage

The objective of the Sports Massage is to alleviate persistent muscle shortenings and restore the muscle’s natural mechanical function as well as to loosen adhesions that cause pain or limit movement. Initially, a consultation with the therapist defines the areas to be treated (max 3). The Sports Massage is recommended after a sporting effort and during the training period, for people suffering from chronic tension or for anyone who would like to regain increased flexibility and mobility. The massage is performed using the entire surface of the hand, the forearms and the elbows and combines different techniques: myo-facial release, effleurages, vibrations, frictions, percussions, deep tissue techniques, trigger points, drainage and stretching. This is a vigorous massage that can be painful and may leave you feeling extremely fatigued after the session. This is a result of the body’s recovery and elimination process.

Frequency : 1x per week until the pain disappears then 1x per month for

This massage is not recommended 72 hours prior to a sporting event.

Session  60 min (2 to 3 zones) - 80 €  /  30 min (1 zone) - 45 €

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