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The Team

Florence Laval is a trained physiotherapist, happy mother of four and the founder of Florence Laval Studio, which  opened its doors in February 2020 in The Hague, Netherlands.

For several years now, she has noticed in her salons in Belgium, in Brittany, Paris and in The Hague, a growing demand from clients for non-intrusive and painless rejuvenation methods. Determined to offer them the best of available cutting-edge techniques, she has sought to train herself in the most innovative and most efficient natural lifting techniques which will keep you looking your best whilst maintaining your original features.
In 2016, she experienced a “revelation” when she discovered the art of Kobido®. She had the great privilege of being trained in this ancestral beauty ritual by Dr. Shogo Mochizuki, master of the 26th generation and heir to the Maison Kobido®. To date, only about 50 practitioners are trained in the art of Kobido® in France and Florence is currently the only practitioner to practice this art in the Netherlands.
Over the years, she has kept abreast with the newest and most efficient facial massage techniques and have continually added new strings to her bow. In her salons in Paris and in the Hague, she practices Face Sculpting®, Guasha, HinokiBò and many others. She has also developed body massage techniques that offer slimming and therapeutic properties including an exclusive and holistic slimming method: the Slim Therapy Method.

She has used her passion and expertise in these different manual massage techniques to create three exclusive Florence Laval® Signature Massages. The massages bring you the best of each technique and tailor them to your needs and your body.

They combine 4 essential values that are important to her and which illustrate her quest for the total well-being of the people who come to see her:​
a holistic approach restoring a harmony between body and mind,
an alliance and complementarity of techniques,
personalization of care.
With the objective facilitating the passage of time and to offer more people easy access to these natural anti-aging techniques, she is happy and proud to announce that there are now new members joined her team. They both share her passion and has trained each one personally, ensuring their total expertise in all techniques and guaranteeing the continued quality of all Florence Laval® Signature Massages.

Nancy Richani is a certified and experienced Yoga instructor , Ayurvedic consultant and massage therapist. Nancy is very passionate and eager to help. She can guide you to understand the causes of the problem so you can eliminate it from its roots.

In 2013 she started her path in wellness. She started her 1st Yoga teacher-training course and followed and intensive study and training on Ayurveda and Panchakarma in India where she was awarded a public certificate.

Back to Netherlands, she followed many courses, workshops and trainings in sports massage, aromatherapy, Lomi Lomi massage, cupping, trigger points, body release, deep tissue massage, heat therapy and many other spa treatments. She developed her massage techniques adapting and incorporating many of these methods. Noticing that many clients are suffering migraines, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, she developed a TMJ treatment to help them tackle the issue through massage, exercise and emotional hygiene.

She also followed trainings in slim therapy and lymphatic drainage paired with Yoga and the Ayurvedic detox and diet to give her clients the best results.

Laurence is a very sensitive, caring and creative centipede, born in Geneva, Switzerland.

Through the use of her hands, she discovered that, in addition to being a talented Graphic Designer, she also has a natural gift for massage. After graduating in various massage courses and trainings, Laurence became a Massage Practitioner and developed her own Swiss-quality massages.

By intuitively having an eye for details, she knows how to create a total and holistic experience.

She uses her senses and complementary techniques from different massages (Swedish, Hawaiian, Indian... and also Reiki) to offer a unique and personal treat. She happily joined Florence Laval Studio team in September 2021 for Relaxing Massage, Body Release and Slim Therapy.

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