Florence Laval® Signature for Men

Relaxation, beauty and wellness.

Designed to offer a complete and utter relaxing and revitalizing experience, this facial care, specifically suited for men, is handled by a physiotherapist trained in facial treatments and holistic massages including Kobido, a traditional japanese face-lift which requires special skills, combining both traditional and innovative techniques that are part of Florence Laval’s signature.

It focuses on key zones such as back, shoulders, neck, skull and face. The main target is to free piled-up tensions and restore facial glow and brightness.

Specific and flowing strokes as well as pressure on acupoints are here to help improve blood circulation and free energy channels. It also helps restore balance and remove blockages. The applied pressures increase skin glow and stimulate cellular regeneration. Moreover, all skin products are devised not to irritate.

A special emphasis will be devoted to the jaw, a zone considered to be particularly tensed with men, as well as the entire occipitofrontalis also subject to stress. Once all the tensions have been released, a feeling of deep tranquility and let go are to be expected. Notable changes in your quality of sleep, as well as a swift recovery in case of stress and overwork.   

Indulge yourself in this exclusive moment to take care of your body and face, to elude tensions, repulp your facial features, ease your mind and regain a sensation of inner peace.